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Sunday, June 28, 2020


By Lone Shahid
Allah has bestowed us with countless blessings and mercies. Human being is the highest creation of Allah who is gifted with rational thinking and character.God has bestowed us with brain, knowledge, body, and important resources etc. That is why humans are governed by a systematic layouts which other animals do not. Islam has provided us with utmost thinking and characters but still we fall prey of something bad or pessimism.There are almost 70 big sins in Islam. Among them one is suicide. It is one of the biggest sin in Islam. It is strictly forbidden. It can not be forgiven. It has no place in islam and other religions. In one of the authentic Hadith. It is narrated that the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad SAW said, "He who killed himself with steel (weapon) would be the eternal denizen of the Fire of Hell and he would have that weapon in his hand and would be thrusting that in his stomach for ever and ever, he who drank poison and killed himself would sip that in the fire of Hell where he is doomed forever and ever; and he who killed himself by falling from the top of a mountain would constantly fall in the fire of Hell and would live there forever and ever. Suicide means ending ones own life by his own deliberate attempt. It is sometimes a way for people to escape pain or suffering. When someone ends their own life, we say that they died by suicide. It is amongst the biggest sins in Islam. 

We are seeing suicidal cases rising day by day. We are hearing/ seeing every day 5 to 6 cases of suicides in Jammu and kashmir. It has become trend now. Major of the victims include youth, school boys and girls. Number of suicide cases has gone up in kashmir valley at an alarming level during the past one decade. During the last 9 months, over 107 cases of suicides were reported in the the valley. In kashmir  suicides are said to have claimed the second highest number of lives after militancy. While it is estimated that more than 60000 lives have been lost in the UT since militancy erupted in 1988, the suicides toll is not less than that. It is also at an alarm in our valley and hence ruined thousands of families. Why people commit suicide is a serious and a huge question.There are some causes.It may be depression and mental illness, traumatic stress,  and impulsivity, loss or fear of loss, hopelessness, chronic pain and terminal illness, taking life is a burden to others, social isolation, a cry for help, accidental society etc. These are the various causes of committing suicides. Suicide is not solution to any problem. Difficulties, miseries, failures etc. are part and parcel of life. We should never lose hope . We should strongly fight against challenges that we face. We should not commit suicides. Be a winner not a looser. We should live happy lives. Suicide badly effects our social setup. So be a respectful citizen, we should not do that. We should have patience. What Almighty Allah has written in your life you can't change that. Committing suicide is not solution to problems. Your parents become hopeless. They are crying throughout their lives, if you choose to do so. It gives bad name to them and also relatives, society etc. 
There are various methods through which many people choose this worst path. A suicide method is any means by which a person ends his life. Some of them are; cutting, drowning, electrocution, firearm, hanging, fire, indirect suicides, jumping from height, poison, suffocation, suicide attack etc. We are seeing most cases from hanging, drowning, poison, fire etc. We should avoid these methods. We should not give them place in our life. We should also tell others the consequences of suicide. We should also save others from doing suicides. We are seeing mainly youngsters who are doing  suicides. They are losers, duffers, foolish and have no faith on His creator.There are various ways we can control people from committing suicides. Responsible media coverage is key to suicide prevention by providing the public information on mental disorders and their treatment and ways of identify person at risk, before suicidal behaviour can be prevented those at risk need to be identified. Since not all potential suicide attempters are in close contact with a mental health, those around them e.g friends, family, school, be equipped with tools properly identify risk and make a timely remedy of this worst sin. Public education campaigns are aimed mostly at improving suicide risk recognition and help seeking behaviour and reducing the stigma of mental illness. We should also teach children results and consequences of suicide. Educational institutions should also taught students, giving lectures about ethical, social and moral values. Their need to society and expectations of parents from them. We should give them hope. Islamic scholars should also play their vital role. Imams should tell in Mosques the consequences of suicide and its prevention. We should also held public awareness programmes regarding suicide, its prevention and consequences. 

Everything in life has a cause and an effect. Committing suicide has very grave consequences. People who injured or die due to suicide also effects the health of others and community. When people die by suicide, their family and friends could experience shock, anger, guilt and depression. The economic toll of suicide on society is immense as well. They give their parents, ancestors, family bad time. Their parents or family members becomes hopeless. It effects society, it paves ways to others to do the same. When good or bad thoughts come across your mind. It is the nature of the mind to show you all types of thoughts just as the purpose of the ears is to hear. You should do everything but not to ruin your inner by committing suicide. Divert your focus from such things as these negative thoughts are always costing toll of lives. Instead focus on looking for solutions to your problems and remain positive. Suicide is biggest sin in Islam. The people who does such evil acts will never enter the paradise. So we should refrain from this worst evil. 
The writer is pursuing M. Com in kashmir university and writes on different issues. He can be Reached at
 Name :mohmad shahid lone

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