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Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Mir Eijaz
Amid covid19, it is the most complicated as well as debatable  issue in the current crisis, whether schools are allowed to reopen in the valley or not. One of the most challengeable task in the current viral crisis is that whether the authority and government is able to permit the school authorities to reopen schools. On one hand when the whole Globe is on fire with this deadly Corona virus. Is it suitable to reopen the schools in the midst of these crisis.It is a billion dollar question. The way this deadly Corona virus has ablaze the worlds biggest and developed nations. It is also a great threat to the developing country like india. At present India has also hit badly by this horrible and fierce disease. The rapidly growing rate of Corona victims is continuously increasing in all the states of India. Is it desirable to reopen the schools in the country now. 

This virus has costed lakhs of human lives on the whole globe. Amid covid19,
the people are not able to even earn their daily basic livelihood. The poor people are not able to even get two morsels of food. This deadly virus has effected all the professions and jobs. People are not able to sustain because of shattered down of economic sectors. The whole world is struggling from this horrible virus. Even in these crisis India is easing the lockdown. In the country, lockdown has been lifted with precautionary measures. All the religious places, shopping malls and other market places are also opening. Even though the present scenario  of the country is not good at all. On daily basis at least ten thousand people are getting effected due to this deadly virus. But still india has lifted the restrictions of lockdown in the country.

The country is now preparing for the reopening of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Even though the number of increasing corona patients is immensely increasing on every single possible day. Our valley, Kashmir is not an exception. We are also badly effected by these crisis and in such kind of dreadful situation, is it possible to reopen the schools in kashmir. It is pertinent to mention here that the number of cases are also increasing in the same way as other parts of the country. Kashmir has been struggling the worst situation since from previous 12th months. We are losing our economy sector, but one of the most badly effected sector is education sector. The education sector is at heights of drawbacks in Kashmir. We have been totally put away from being close to this precious sector. The authorities have put us away from the 4G internet connection since from past one year. While the whole world is imparting education to the students online through the internet. But the youth of the valley is not even able to get this excess. It is unfortunate to see this kind of stephen mother treatment to our valley. 

Our Kashmir is continuously away from education. We have lost the peak season of education. The youth of our valley is losing their educational opportunities and careers. It is commonly said, "if you want to destroy any nation, then put it's youth away from education". Same is the scenario of education in our valley. Our youth is proving detrimental for his own society because of being away from education. The online system of imparting education to the students is proving a futile exercise. Some students are not able to own a smart cell phone in the current crisis. Now the authorities are in a severe dilemma 
whether they reopen the educational sector in the valley or not. They are not in a position to announce the appropriate decision regarding reopening of schools because the Corona virus is spreading at an alarming rate in the valley. Almost three or four times our UT govt. has announced dates to reopen education sector. But till now the execution had not been possible at all. 

Now the question arises here, is it possible to reopen the schools at the current deadly viral crisis. Reopening of the schools is the last option. Untill the vaccine is to be discovered because we can't put the lives of children in stake like situation. Then what is the concrete solution to this problem. Putting my viewpoint before you I may find something for the solution to this severe problem. Education is the most precious treasure to our society. If people are well education, they could lead their nation to heights. But if they are ignorant and uneducated the nation is lost forever. So education sector of a nation matters a lot. In these crisis, there are some of the solutions, through which if administration think could impart education to the students. It is a remedial class work or we can say the shift wise class work.If administration could reopen the markets, shopping malls and other places by using precautionary measures. Why couldn't administration reopen the schools by using the same ways and means. It is also true that they couldn't able to bear huge crowd in the classrooms. But there are still some of the options if they think rationally. The schools could be reopened by shift wise teaching and learning. The administration could overlook the schools personally. Even there are many other options such as if the remedial class work shall be started in the locality areas where students could reach easily and where there is also proper social distancing. 

The students of Kashmir are away from education since for long. So we could not bear this anymore, otherwise we will lost the talent of our youth forever. The government has many other options to reopen schools without putting lives of students in danger like situation. And honestly speaking we could not compromise with our education anymore. By taking precautionary measures, our UT government could reopen schools on remedial measures. They have various options if they think rationally for a while. But they should also think the children are the flowers of a paradise. So taking care of them is the first and foremost priority. 
Educated youth is the best treasure and asset for the successful nation. So how could we carry this pious mission again, the authority should think rationally. 

The author is a freelance writer and writes on current issues
He can be reached at

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