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Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Dr Arshed Iqbal Dar

The life amid covid-19 lockdown was confined to the four walls of home sweet home and somehow the wave of covid-19 was normalizing but on the other side of the lockdown the health status of individuals was like the domestic chicken has been arrested and kept in a coop and with a continuous coop arrest, slow movement of body parts, limited exercise and a single topic of lockdown discussion (corona chu chu) with his or her coop partner has made the individuals physically and mentally week. After few days, restrictions were relaxed without any proper strategy, I was very much excited to play a cricket match at SKB RA  ground Naid Khai. Captain of our cricket team called me on my cell phone, be ready tomorrow to play a match against 11 star Naid Khai. I was searching my cricket uniform inside the wardrobe and in the meantime, my friend called me, be ready tomorrow for a get-together outing. I was confused, what to do and what not to do. Later, I decided to play a game till 1:00 pm and then join to my friends for get-together outing. After having dinner, my better half called me on my cell phone, be ready tomorrow to visit a doctor, becoz tomorrow is 29th of May, I replied no worries my dear DNA (Short form of Dar Neelofar Arshed). She smiled and I opened the window of my room to have a look towards the SKB RA  ground Naid Khai, my planning to play a cricket match and then outing with my friends was moving out of sight and I sighed and waved my hand, catch you next time and I closed the window. Next day, very early in the morning, I dialed the number of a doctor but unfortunately, it was not reachable then I dialed the number of hospital in order to verify whether the concerned doctor is available or not, the person who received my phone call told me, where from you have to come? I replied sincerly from Naid Khai Sonawari, he told me no need to visit our hospital, you are from red zone and we will not allow you to enter the hospital premises, I replied, we are no more red now, colour has been changed to orange. He told me, sorry sir, we are following rules and regulations religiously and we cant help you in this regard. After telephonic refusal, we took a decision to visit another hospital. After reaching the hospital, we were asked to wait in the corridor, the person standing at the door was calling the name of the patients one by one. Now, it was one of the unknown female who was called to enter the doctors room but the person standing at the door didnot permit her to enter the room because she was without mask. She was requesting everybody there please give me one mask but unfortnately no body was having an extra mask to offer her and she left the hospital corridor without any treatment. Now, it was our turn, we were fortunate to have face masks and when we set foot in the doctors room, we caught sight of the doctor without gloves, a mask hanging her neck and she was having a tea while communicating with one of her patients. We were shell-shocked to see the doctor treating her patients without any safety measures and without further ado, me and my DNA left the doctors room without any treatment. While bugging off the hospital, we were pondering for another alternative and then another address strikes my mind and we reached the said health centre at 2:00 pm. After completing the hospital formalities we were waiting for our turn and it was 3:55 pm when the name DNA (Dar Neelofar Arshed) was called out. We walked inside the doctors room, fortunately this doctor was fully covered and following safety measures by maintaing an adequate physical distancing from the patients. She recommended some tests for further investigation cum prescription.
Next day, on 30th of May 2020,  I dialed the number of one of the good diagnostic test centres, the person who recieved my call replied, how can I assist you, I said, I want to get in touch with Dr. XYZ but unfortuantely, his reply was, the doctor you are talking about was tested positive for covid-19 and I was shell shocked to hear the news. Then, I dialed the number of another testing centre and fortunately this centre was conducting the required tests and after receiving the reports from the testing centre we visited the doctor, after assessing the test reports, she prescribed some medicines for 15 days and we left the hospital without further ado. On the very next morning, I heard the voice of football players, they were shouting goal, goal and goal and I walked towards the window, opened the curtains and I saw, children, young, adult and even some old persons were playing football in a random fashion. After sometime, cricket match started between the children of 10 to 15 years of age and I watched both the innings of the match of these little stars with full attention and after lunch, another match started but this time between the two mature teams of Naid Khai. At the same moment, my friend called me on my cell phone, come out of your coop and have a look in the market, it is kick off party here. Later in the night, me and my father were discussing the impact of relaxation on the intensity of covid-19 and in the meantime, my neighbour and a good friend of mine send me the video clip of his little brother, who was suffering from intestinal infection and was under treatment in the hospital. I called my friend, how is Aaki, he replied, he is getting better and will be discharged soon. On 4th of June 2020, I was busy with online webinar and my sister called me, baya come here fast, I walked down the stairs and I saw my father was taking the printout of some covid home quarantine documents. I said, is everything all right? my sister replied Aaki ha dravmot positive (Aaaki has been declared covid positive). I was shocked to hear the news and my father walked outside to join the team of health workers. Aaki was taken back to hospital and the other members of his family were taken to adminstrative quarrantine. Later, his family members and other relatives stated that Aaki was discharged from the hospital today and when they reached home, after 15 minutes they recieved a call from the srinagar hospital administration that Aaki is covid positive. Every body in our area is in a state of desperate shock, how come the Srinagar hospital administration be so careless that they operated a boy (Aaki) without confirming his covid status and then discharged the same boy without confirming his covid reports. Now, after a brief relaxation, the entire area is once again in the lap of covid-19 due to the negligient approach of srinagar hospital administration in particular and the people of my area in general.

Dr. Arshed Iqbal Dar
           Assistant Professor, Govt. Degree College
Sumbal Sonawari (Jammu and Kashmir)

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