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Monday, April 6, 2020

Precautionary measures of Pandemics in Islamic perspective

JK News Live

As the world economy reels and everyday life grinds to a standstill, Coronavirus diseases has declared as the pandamic. The number of positive cases and deaths are rising in every day that caused a scare among the masses.

As far we muslims are concerned, we didn’t have fear of death. We did isolate ourselves and advise others to follow the same as a precautionary measure against this challenging virus outbreak, rather it is obligatory on us to save and rescue our lives (Right to live in Islam). Afterall How Islam will allow any muslim to sucide during this virus outbreak when it doesn’t allow us to go to Masjids in the time of fear? The basic objective in Islamic injunctions is the right to ‘protect the life’, ‘wisdom’, honour, etc, Thereby Islam has cancelled those practices from its followers, of which a person’s life can face any danger, As Quran clearly says ” And do not throw yourself into destruction” (Bakarah, V-195). In Islam all human beings have right to enjoy the Right of life as well as Right of Protection. Noone is allowed to harm anyone in the rights sanctioned by God to human beings.

Although it is very unfortunate that a thick portion of muslims don’t take precautions and medical advices and allowing others to have the un-implement the same, despite having good knowledge of Islam,Some mufti’s Qaari’s, Sheikh’s, are taking it very lightly. Then, What can be the invincible reason behind their loath approch in implementing the precautions and advices.

Surely, it is not the knowledge which they have, even more than you and me? The reason of not imbibing the basic measures by them and to give any good un-implementing stand in their sermons comes by the bitter fact, that they lack the stingo of “logical thinking”. It is surely the execution of their enriched knowledge, they are lacking behind. Allah also urges us to make a best use of our brains by saying ” That in the creation of heavens and earth, there’re signs for those who understand”. The weak view in fetching this verse hold their evil visibility during the challenging times. They need to have meticulos keynote on the basis vitals and issues. Prophet PBUH always used to approach the things with wisdom, understanding and hikmah!. This is untrue that the Islamic rules are rigged and tough, rather universal and flexible. We must be proud to have God’s mercy in every of our thicks and thins. Islamic principles are guarding us in every situations. We know that it is obligatory on every muslim to fast in the month of Ramdhan, Nevertheless, the ease and flexibility for this obligation to the persons who’re sick or are on journey, can skip to it by compensate fastings on alternative days.

Experts like Dr Anthony Fauci (Immunologist) and medical reporter Dr Sanjay Gupta are saying that good hygiene and quarantining, or the practice of isolation from others in the hope of preventing the spread of Corona viruses are the most effective tools, one can adapt. Right. Now if I raise out a question here, Who else suggested good hygiene and the methods of quarantine during a pandemic over 1400 years ago? In the answer is no-one other than the Prophet of Allah, The Muhammad PBUH.


Ladies & Gentleman

Islam has come up to protect the lives of people, not to put them in danger. Besides, there is a Haditah of Prophet Mohammad PBUH,

Because of the general importance of haditah, it has become a general rule of Islamic jurisprudence. According to the Haditah, It is forbidden to inflict a harm on others nor to get harmed. C’ommon, Let us relate this Haditah with present pandemic sitiutions, where it can nakedly be revealed that we are not allowed to go through the gatherings, We can never afford gatherings. As we don’t know who is infected and who is not, because the symptoms of Covid 19 come in a couple of weeks.

Furthermore, there is another Haditah of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, ” A MUSLIM IS ONE FROM WHO’S HANDS AND TONGUE REMAIN OTHER’S SAFE (Bukhari, 6484). Relate this Haditah with the present circumstances,. Experts say that the Covid 19 spreads by coughing, sneezing, and by the close contacts. eg, hugging, or shaking hands with each other (Shake-hands as a Islamic gesture). In having the glance of the above Haditah, if we want to un-harm others or to get unharmed, we should avoid to go close to each other (Self-Isolation) or I can say we can avoid handshake greetings. In the Prophet’s era, there was a man who was suffering from leprosy. Prophet PBUH sent him in a massage, ‘I PBUH have accepted his pledge’ and ordered him to return to his home back because of his disease might have have negative impaction on others.
Islam never imbibes any space for unreasonable and illogical thinking as earlier said. No doubt, there is no compromise for us in having faith in God’s mercy. By everyways we trust Allah, We put our trust on The Lord of World’s. However Islam arrests the warrant of ours in upholding the necessary precautions and advices against every toward and untoward situations. Anan Bin Malik (rz) asked, O’ Prophet of Allah PBUH, Shall I tie my camel and then put my trust on Allah or shall i free it and then trust on Allah? Prophet Muhammad PBUH asked in reply, Ist tie the camel and then put trust on Allah (Tirmizi, 2517).

Islam is undoubtedly an inestimable mercy for humankind. Allah always intends our ease and He (swt) doesn’t want to make things difficult for us (Baqarah,185).
Yes we the muslims are the believers of destiny. We’re always meant to believe in destiny. We do believe that everything happens by the will of Allah, The Most High. He is the creator of everything. However let me mitigate the misconceptions about this very destiny with an example, most of us are not knowing. As taking measures and using means of earning a life in this world not goes against believing n destiny. Similarly upholding precautionary measures in letter and spirit in the time of plague or contagious diseases not disqualify us in believing in the destiny.

When Hazrat Umer(RZ) went to Syria during a war, at that time, there was an outbreak of virus in Syria. Umer (RZ) asked the mahajer sahaba’s what to do, for which they said in resposum, We should wait. Then Umar sought suggestions from the Ansar sahaba’s (rz), they said we should leave. Superinducing on these consultations, Hzrt. Umer (rz) decided to leave. On the very ocassion, one of the commander of the muslim army Abu Ubaidah bin Jareah ( rz) said to Hzrt. Umer (rz) that Why you opted resile and are running away from takdeer. But Hzrt. Umer replied that i would never opted to resile, however in deciding not to go further, is also in our takdeer (ie, tadbeer). Bcoz it’s in the knowledge of Allah who has to die and who has to live. So i am making my decision bcoz it’s our tadbeer which is also written as a part of our takdeer.

Let me conclude with the Haditah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH,
Aisha (rz) asked Prophet PBUH about the plague. The Prophet PBUH said, “It is a punishment for whomsoever Allah wants to inflict it with,’ Any person who is being caught to it and remains patient at home, considering and knowing that it shall not touch him except what Allah has destined for him/her, For him/her is a reward of Martyr” (Musnad Ahmad 26139),

So It isn’t shame to die of a virus. Even Sahaba (rz) died due to viruses. An evil eye over these victims or their families won’t distance anybody from his/her fate rather it is evident that abusing or cursing a muslim suffering from this virus is very sinful and same as to abuse any martyrs. By the way who knows this virus may overtook those absures in the future.

So Ladies & Gentlemen
Islam invites mankind to the absolute and perfect Elysium.

Bilal Ur Rehman is a freelance journalist, a social activist and member of JKYCS and be reached at

Note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect JKNewsLive editorial stance.

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