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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

COVID19: Cyber police use social media to create awareness

Srinagar Cyber Police has launched initiatives on social media to spread awareness on various issues related to COIVD19.

In a latest, the police issued an advisory to parents as how to lead by an example for their wards to use social media.
In its advisory, titled “lead by example, setting a good social media example” the police has asked parents to not engage in online gossip.

“You have children who are active on social media and they will see your posts. If your post is gossip and rumors, they are likely to think that is proper online behavior and partake themselves,” the advisory reads.

Senior Superintendent of Cyber Cell Tahir Ashraf said sharing appropriate pictures goes long way towards educating children on use of social media.
help children in getting motivation to achieve higher goals in life.

“Negative messages, comments or pictures uploaded by parents will not only get child down but also influence their opinions and decision making,” he said.

The SP who has also posted a picture of advisory pamphlet on his twitter account, said: the experts recommend that parents should avoid venting personal frustration online.

“Avoid posting information that would be considered too personal, or things that don’t really need to be made public. This can help your children to see social media is not the place for these things,” he said.

The Cyber police have also been creating awareness about COVID19 on social media including importance of social distancing and need of staying home amid the lockdown to contain spread of the virus.

“We opted to intensify awareness campaign on social media as this is the best way to keep people informed, updated,” said the SP.

He said during this lockdown when everyone was staying home and fully dependent on social media for connecting to their dear ones and also for keeping themselves update, “it is necessary to follow the basic manners to achieve an ethical use of social media platforms.”

Presently, Cyber Police is facing challenge to curb fake news and fake orders being circulated on social media.

Amid COVID19 threat, law enforcement agencies and civil administration have increased their presence on social media in Jammu and Kashmir to reach out people at large, create awareness, sharing important information.


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